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I keep laughing at myself this week. I will literally stop walking and plant my hands on my knees and laugh, not because I've been particularly clever or witty (although I am that now and again), but just because I exist. There is something about existing that, when I am feeling free and human, strikes me as just so fucking hilarious that I can't so much as shift my weight from one heel to the other without crowing triumphantly.

It is because of this mood that every time someone has asked me how I'm doing this week, I've responded with, "I feel like such an asshat." Because it is the only phrase I can come up with that seems to come close to correct.

In other news, I got memeified by the lovely project_lyse . *rolls sleeves purposefully*

1. Comment on this post
2. I will give you a letter
3. Think of five fictional characters whose names start with that letter, and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ

I got the letter O, which is one of my favorite letters, I must add, for all its Freudian resonances in literature and, of course, hyperbolic geometry.


Oberon's a character in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Bit of a whiner, and definitely one for melodrama, what with spreading magical pollen on people while they lie asleep. I say this lovingly, mind; the sparkle and whoosh of fairy dust is one of the many reasons I find this play in particular so fun to read. Rupert Everett does a decent job in the film version, too, managing to be kingly and juvenile at the same time.

Owen Fucking Harper

That isn't the name they list on the BBC website, of course, but I think we all know that Owen can only be properly addressed as "Owen Fucking Harper." The "fucking" is there for emphasis of his copious exhibitions of both badassery and assholery. He's the doctor of the Torchwood team, always there to say something sweet and then suggest you might have a fetish for defrosted men from World War I.

Opal Varelle

This may be considered my coming out as a huge dork, but I'm having a surprisingly hard time coming up with "O" characters. Opal is the captain of a ship on which Ianto Jones finds himself after being transported through time into the arms of his lover, who isn't his lover because of the way the profession of Time Agent tends to eff up your life events. That is to say, I've long suspected that fanfiction can in fact be an endeavor of complexity and true creativity (in addition to being porn-y, which is good for other purposes), and it has been proven to me by A Matter of Time by demotu . For anyone who's vaguely acquainted with Torchwood, you need to experience it, and so I give you a link: community.livejournal.com/demotu_writes/2677.html.

Oscar Delancey

Oscar is the cleverer of the Delancey brothers (excuse me, brudders) in Disney's "Newsies," but he's no mastermind. I remember finding him cute in an evil way back during my die-hard "Newsies" fandom days. It's because of Oscar that I've always wanted to knock someone's hat off, tell them it's an insult, and see if they chase me.

Oliver Twist

I number Oliver Twist among my Favorite Characters. Characters on this list have all occupied the space of The Favorite Character at some point in my life (it's a strange little place). Oliver held the position years ago, when I was probably around seven. I can't really explain why I liked Oliver so much; at seven, I hadn't quite come to a level of internality that can be translated into actual literary language. He was succeeded by Sara Crewe of "A Little Princess," who held office from age eight through twelve. After Sarah came Jean Valjean, and after him I believe came Mercutio. You can imagine how strange the reunion parties are.</lj>