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new interest

I've been assigned to read Miller's Ronin for a contemporary American literature class (subtitle: Cyberpunk). It is the first time in college I've studied anything more recent than Larkin. It is also the first time in college I've studied American lit that doesn't fall under the heading of "African American Literature". There was a memorable time a few years ago when Professor Sha called "American literature" an oxymoron, a belief I don't necessarily subscribe to, but which I find endlessly interesting in light of the quicksilver sea of academia I'm about to enter. The canon expands and expands, and theories of literature splinter and branch, until you've got people writing something called "eco-crit" on the Batman comics. And on the other hand you've got Professor Sha, a brilliant (and I mean it) man, who maintains that all Western literature was building up to the British Romantics and has since gotten less and less interesting. Eloquent, smart people can argue anything, and that's exasperating to some, but I'm just so excited to dive into it.

ANYWAY, derailment of thinking about the canon aside, I'm six pages into Ronin and have decided I'm going to try out the comic book and graphic novel genre this summer when I have loads and loads of time for leisure reading. Recommendations?