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falling off of lj

I periodically fall off of lj and stay off for ages. It's too much, writing and writing and posting and not knowing where the characters go. Whereas I know where the paper pages I write go, which is into the collapsible ottoman at the foot of my bed.

And inevitably I come back to lj. Someone unexpected urges me to post again or someone reads an old poem and asks why I don't write anymore, and I find myself here again, apologetically scrolling down the flist, clicking through my icons and laughing at them in surprised recollection. I am a sporadic person, and I think I'm finally going to allow myself to admit this. Maybe even embrace it.

I've got to start writing again. Not only because seminar papers are due in ten days and I've got one page of forty-five. Not only because I'm procrastinating those forty-four more pages. Because life gets overwhelming so, so quickly when I'm not writing. It's as though the pent-up words I should be writing block up my common sense organ. So here I am, writing again.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 03:00 pm (UTC)
hello! i missed you!