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good vibrations

First of all, the fact that Washington, DC sent me an email alerting me to a "hypothermia danger" because their weather was getting down to 27 degrees Fahrenheit has convinced me once and for all that my nation's capital is utterly ridiculous. Can't function in 27 degree weather with snow that doesn't even stick? Come on. Govern your country, people.

I nickname every place that becomes important to me, which is why my locations may seem cryptic. The nicknames are purely for my own benefit, and their significance is pretty arbitrary, even to me. Still, the moment I nickname a place, I start to feel more attached to it. My parents' new house I nicknamed the Castle because it is so much higher in the hills than the old house and thus looks out regally (I think) over Boise. I called the AmLit office the Clubhouse because of the way it was tucked in between things in the most obscure corridor in the Student Center at AU. It felt secret. My place here I almost immediately dubbed the Hub, for Torchwood-y reasons of making myself feel more top-secret than I actually am. And moving in there felt very much like a literal centering of myself, of planting my base of operations. And Jordan's place I call la Cage, fondly after La Cage aux Folles. Because my life became exponentially queerer and more ridiculous the moment ze entered my life.

My final thought for the evening, as I prepare to dive back into Badiou and Ethics and writing papers I am terrified of, is that I'm very glad I came to Massachusetts. I've made it my home.


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Dec. 7th, 2009 01:00 am (UTC)
i'm so glad you came to massachusetts. can you even imagine life if you hadn't? i can't.
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